This user agreement constitutes a binding contract between and its customers or users. This article will explain various rules and regulations to utilise the services offered by I/We and Us context used in this article will refer to and its affiliates. You/Customer and user context used in this article will refer to the users and agents of

1. General Acceptance of Terms:

1.1 is incorporated and bound to the laws of India

1.2 shall ask the user to provide their travel related information. The services can be utilised by any user within India.

1.3 The services listed in are offered by third party vendors like bus operators, airlines and hotels. has no control over the services offered by these vendors and will take no responsibility for the mistakes or issues created by these third party vendors.

1.4 Customers are advised to follow instructions from the service provider even if they are not mentioned in

1.5 Governing the terms and conditions set by and their affiliates is mandatory for the customer.

1.6 and its affiliates reserve the right to accept/reject the order placed by the customer.

1.7 shall not be held responsible altering/cancelling the services offered by the third party vendors.

1.8 reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior intimation.

1.9 If a user disagrees terms and conditions set by then he/she is advised not to avail the services offered by

2. Modification of Terms reserves the right to change its terms and conditions. We shall not be held responsible for a change in terms and conditions of our third party vendors.

3. Privacy Policy

The users are hereby consenting that they accept the privacy policy of our site. He/she using the services had agreed that the privacy policy is acceptable to them. Read our site privacy policy here.

4. Limited User

4.1 The user shall not involve in reselling, trading and exploiting the services offered by

4.2 All services listed in are for personal purpose only and shall not be used for commercial benefits.

4.3 No one shall reverse engineer the design, logo, services, transmit and reproduce the creative works of for commercial and personal use.

4.4 However, limited reproduction of the site is permitted with written consent and stating as the source.

5. Disclaimers

5.1 considers that all the details entered by the user are genuine. We shall not be held responsible for the incorrect or incomplete data entered by the user.

5.2 is making considerable effects to make every page in our site error free. But there may be some instances of human and data entry errors, will take no responsibility for such cases.

5.3 is a facilitator of the services offered by third party vendors. We don’t have the liability to make special arrangements for certain users.

5.4 won’t be held responsible for the quality of services offered by our third party vendors.

5.5 Services to some destinations are not offered by for various reasons. Users may avail a third party ticket through our customer service to such destinations but we shall not be held responsible for such services.

5.6 shall not be held responsible for the services or advertisement endorsed by an advertiser.

5.7 shall not be held responsible for the data loss occurring due to unauthorised access, natural calamities or things that are beyond’s control.

5.8 is not liable for any claims regarding the cancellation of services offered by our third party service providers.

5.9 is not liable to offers, discounts and refunds promised by our service providers.

The maximum claim or refund on part of shall be limited to the amount received from the user less cancellation or refund fees or whichever is applicable.

6. Third Party Links

6.1 may contain links to some third party websites. We shall not be held responsible for the privacy policy, terms, cookie usage policy and services of such websites. Users are advised to follow the terms and conditions of those sites before using their services.

6.2 Third party links present in are given for user convenience. We do not endorse the service or offers of such websites.

6.3 won’t take responsibility for the content, errors and omissions in those third party sites.

7. Unlawful Usage advises the user/agents strictly follow the terms and conditions of the site to avail uninterrupted services. Users should refrain themselves from involving in activities which may burden, impair or interrupt the site services. Users may not try to obtain information from the site which is not publicly available.

Users involving in unlawful activities may be permanently banned from the site and will be subject to legal proceedings.

8. Use of Communication Services services like the chat window, bulletins, blogs, E-mail support, call support, blogs, forums, calendar and personalised web pages are referred as communication services. Users should agree to the following terms in order to utilise the communication services.

● The user will not defame, abuse and violate the fundamental rights of others

● Users will not sexually harass other users.

● Uploading obscene pictures are prohibited.

● Uploading files and softwares that may contain virus are strictly prohibited.

● Posting advertisements are not allowed

● Users may not promote their blogs on our site

● Users may not breach intellectual property rights.

● Posting links to forward surveys, pyramid schemes, free recharge links, chain letters and contests are not allowed.

● Violating laws in India and other countries are not allowed.

● Violating terms and conditions of is not permitted.

8.1 may review its contents from time to time and may remove those contents which may seem unfit.

8.2 reserves right disclose their user’s details under the request of government and law enforcement agencies.

8.3 Contents present in the communication services are not endorsed by

8.4 Materials present in the communication services of are subjected to certain limitations and can be reproduced by

8.5 may contact their registered users from time to time and provide offers/discounts which we believe that may benefit you.

9. User/ Agent Access Termination reserves the right to terminate any user/agent account without any prior intimation. The user/agent accounts may be terminated temporarily/ permanently, if

9.1 Accounts are usually terminated when a user or agent breach TOS set by

9.2 Reported security breach in user/agent account

9.3 Misuse of communication services.

9.4 Accounts purposely created to malign

9.5 If required, legal action will be initiated against user/agent accounts.

9.6 User/agent can terminate their account when they see fit.

10. Fees Payment reserves the right to charge listing and transaction fees for every complete transaction.

10.1 also reserves the right increase/decrease the listing or transaction fees.

10.2 All fees listed in can be altered without any prior notice.

11. User Account

11.1 All users at should have attained legal age of binding a contract i.e. 18 years.

11.2 User should make arrangements him/herself to avail the services of The users should bequeath all types of third party costs including agent’s commission.

11.3 By creating an account at, users accept that there will be certain communications from our system.

11.4 User registration at is not mandatory. Registered users will be provided with a unique id and password which may be used to avail the services of

11.5 Registered users are responsible for their account security. User passwords are stored in a one-way encrypted format so it is impossible to breach the user account security unless there is a fault in user’s side.

11.6 All users purchasing tickets at confirm that they are the authorised owner of credit/debit card or bank account used to purchase the tickets.

11.7 will not take responsible for financial loss, mental agony and inconvenience resulted due to user password or credit/debit card or bank details theft.

11.8 Users are responsible for providing correct and complete data whenever required. won’t take responsibility incorrect/incomplete data entered by the user.

11.9 reserves the right to disclose their third party data in order to carry out certain services.