Hi, everyone! This article will explain you the privacy policy of Myticketbuddy. Since we have to gather a lot of information from you people, we are in a position to inform How we use the information collected by us? Before going through the privacy policy, I would like to inform you that this policy is subjected to change without any notice. Moreover, this privacy policy is bounded to the Myticketbuddy’s terms and conditions. Every user of Myticketbuddy.com should accept all the terms mentioned in this privacy policy. Please don’t use our services if you are not interested in accepting our privacy policy.

Collection of Personal Information

Our systems are designed to automatically store your personal information in order to provide smooth and customised services. So we will collect some personal information from you which is necessary to provide a customised experience.

We don’t collect any information when you browse our site but once you give your personal information in the required field we don’t consider you as a stranger. Information through the required fields is collected to provide certain services from our website. We don’t collect any other information unless it is required.

Our site uses cookies to provide certain services, the users utilising our services must accept our cookie usage policy.

Cookie usage of other third party websites is not bounded to Myticketbuddy.

We will collect your billing address, Credit/Debit card, bank or other wallet details while you purchase on our site.

Utilise our feedback forms, customer care services, reviews and rating methods address your grievances. Using other methods like Social Media may not get a proper response from our admins.

Personal details like email id, name and phone number will be collected whenever a user chooses to signup for a free account.

Any guest user may purchase products from us but only registered users are allowed to avail our offers or reward programmes.

Users opting for express checkout are giving consent to us to store their Credit/Debit card or bank or wallet information. All your information will be stored in encrypted servers but Myticketbuddy shall not be held responsible for any inadvertent breach or data loss.

Sharing of personal identifiable information.

Myticketbuddy assures its users that it won’t share their personal information with other organisations or individuals. However, exceptions will be made in certain cases listed below:

Request made through any applicable law, court or law enforcement agencies.

Any sort of violation made by the user in terms and conditions or privacy policy of Myticketbuddy.

Detecting or Suspecting an illegal activity by the user.

Harming or insulting the rights of other Myticketbuddy users.

Myticketbuddy is liable to share personal identifiable information to its partners like Bus operators, agents and other connected sites.

Personal identifiable information may be shared with all mergers and acquisition of Myticketbuddy.

Precautionary Measures

Myticketbuddy is ready to move mountains to prevent misuse of their services. All the information and personal details are stored in a secure and encrypted server. We follow all the guidelines set by law enforcement agencies and request our users to follow the same.

Google Analytics

We may share our traffic source with other third-party vendors like Google Analytics. These third party sites may use cookies which are not controlled by Myticketbuddy. We shall not be held responsible for the Ads or cookie usage of other third party vendors.

Your Consent

By visiting our site or using our services, all the users agree that they are providing their genuine information regarding personal or payment details. We shall not be held responsible for the incorrect or wrong information entered by the user. All Myticketbuddy users agree that the privacy policy, terms and conditions of our site may be changed without any prior notice.