Why should I use Myticketbuddy.com over other ticket vendors?

● Real-time updates of inventory will ensure hassle free environment to the user. It also makes sure that a particular seat in a bus is allotted only to one customer thus avoiding last-minute disappointments.

● 100% responsive template will make booking process through Personal Computers, tabs and smartphones much easier.

● Over 1500+ bus operators to choose from.

● Arguably, the best price in the industry. Our ticket prices will cost similar to the tickets purchased directly from the operator. The prices quoted at Myticketbuddy.com is much lower than most of our competitors.

● Flexibility in boarding points.

● Vast amenities including free snacks, Wi-Fi, blankets and personalised Mp3 are provided by our operators. Customers can have the option to classify the bus services according to the amenities provided.

Queries regarding tickets

Is it necessary to register with Myticketbuddy.com to book a ticket?

Registering or creating a new account for booking a ticket is a long and tedious process. Moreover, we don't like to bombard your inbox with our promotions and offers so we made the ticket booking simple without creating an account. Just book a ticket in Myticketbuddy.com as a guest user and check out easily with no strings attached but it’s mandatory to provide your E-mail id and mobile number, in order to send your E-ticket.

How much cost difference should I expect when I book a ticket with Myticketbuddy.com?

The ticket cost in Myticketbuddy.com will be same as the ticket sold in an operator counter. But in some cases, We will reduce our passing commission in order to provide lower ticket price than the operators.

Is it mandatory to take a printout of the ticket?

Most of our operators will accept E or M ticket but some still insist that a hard copy of the ticket is mandatory. Myticketbuddy.com uses m-ticket (MTI- * Insert the Icon here) icon to classify between operators who accept M-ticket and those who won't. If the MTI icon is shown near the operator then they will accept M-ticket. If there is no MTI icon near the operator then users are instructed to take a hard copy of their E-ticket.

I didn't receive my ticket. Can you re-send it?

Yes absolutely, Visit Myticketbuddy.com and click the print ticket tab then select SMS option. Then type ticket number available in your E-ticket. A fresh SMS will be triggered from our system to the default phone number which was used to register the ticket. If you didn't receive your E-ticket either, then contact our customer care executive and he/she will guide through the process of getting a fresh E or M-ticket.

I entered the wrong mobile number while booking the ticket. Can I get my M-ticket on my different number?

Yes, please contact our customer care Personal and he will guide you through the process.

Queries about Booking Process

When I search for a route instead of available services a request button is shown. Why? Or why there is no service available to my route?

India’s road network is the second largest in the world so it is quite difficult to cover every possible route in our county. If the there is no available for your route, Myticketbuddy.com system will show you request button. Users can utilise the request button to leave their contact details so a Myticketbuddy.com may arrange a ticket for the route.

How long will it take to process the ticket queried through request button?

Myticketbuddy.com system works on first come first serve basis so your request will be placed in a queue and will be processed when your request turn comes. There may be some rare cases in which the customer request won’t be processed until the date of journey. In such cases, customers are advised to contact our helpline in order to accelerate the process.

Queries Regarding Payments

Is it mandatory for the ticket purchaser to be a passenger?

No, Myticketbuddy.com does not insist that the ticket purchaser be a traveller. Any representative of the traveller can purchase the tickets using the listed payment options. However, we insist that the tickets should be booked under traveller’s name. Our operators insist that the passengers should carry a valid id proof along with the ticket at the time of boarding. If the passengers fail to provide an id proof then they may be forced to purchase a new ticket from the operator.

What are the payment options available in Myticketbuddy.com?

We offer flexible payment options that include

● Credit Card

● Debit Card

● Internet Banking


Is it safe to use my Credit or Debit card at Myticketbuddy.com?

Yes absolutely, Myticketbuddy.com is PCI DSS certified website by COMODO. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption will enable us to provide the best and secure transaction. Since the data transmitted through our site is encrypted it is highly impossible for the hackers to steal your card details.

Queries Regarding Ticket Cancellation

Is it possible to cancel my ticket online?

Yes, most of our operators allow the passengers to cancel their ticket online but some operator ticket can be cancelled only after submitting a request to our call centre.

How to cancel my ticket?

Our home page is equipped with a ticket cancellation tab. Customers will be asked to enter the ticket no and the email id used while booking the ticket to cancel the same. The ticket cost will be refunded to the customer’s Wallet account after deducting Myticketbuddy and Operator cancellation charges. Note.: Cancellation policy of each operator will vary, so cross check the cancellation charges before cancelling a Ticket

How much the cancellation charges cost me?

Mytickebuddy.com cancellation charges for every ticket is Rs.15 - Rs.150. Operator cancellation charges may vary but it will be detailed in your E-ticket.

Can I cancel my ticket just hours before departure?

Each operator follows a separate cancellation policy so the passengers are advised to check the E-ticket for operator cancellation policy. If you couldn’t find the cancellation policy of your operator then please get in touch with our customer care Personnel for assistance.

Queries related to WALLET

What is WALLET?

WALLET enables our customer to store money which can be later utilised for booking tickets. The amount stored in WALLET should be utilised within 12 months from the date of deposit, if not then the amount will be automatically refunded to the account from where the amount is credited into the wallet.

Refund amount of the Cancelled tickets money will be deposited in customer’s WALLET or their bank/card account within 48 hours from the time of cancellation request

Is it necessary to create WALLET?

No, we don’t force our customers to create WALLET. The Customer can purchase tickets as a guest user but WALLET is created by default for registered customers. Registered customers can use the WALLET service when they need it.

How to credit my WALLET?

The users are requested to login in their Myticketbuddy.com account using their registered E-mail id. Then they can credit Funds to their WALLET by selecting “Add fund to my wallet” tab in homepage. The “Add fund to my wallet” will prompt the users to add funds to their wallet through the following ways

a. Debit /Credit Card

b. Net Banking


What is the benefit in adding funds through IMPS?

a. Users crediting their wallet through IMPS receive 10% extra reward points for every transaction made in Myticketbuddy.

b. You are not using your Debit/Credit card or netbanking…………….

How to add funds through IMPS?

Login to your bank’s internet banking account through the web or mobile application.

Enter your mobile number, MMID 92400331 and the amount you want to transfer to your Myticketbuddy wallet. Then press “Submit” button.

Login to your Myticketbuddy account and got to your “user dashboard”.

Select “My Wallet” tab and click on the “Add Funds” button.

Select IMPS option and enter the amount you transferred, then click on the Submit button.

Your amount has been successfully added to your wallet and will reflect in your Wallet within 30 minutes.

What is the procedure to re-direct my cancelled ticket money to my bank/card account?

WALLET policy is designed to simplify the cash transaction process, yet some customers may want their cancelled ticket money to be deposited in their bank/card account. Such customers are requested to send a request mail to bookings@myticketbudddy.com from their registered E-mail id. Our customer service personnel may require the customer’s bank account number and IFSC Code details in order to deposit the money. It may take up to 10 business days to deposit money in customer’s account.

Queries Related to Insurance Policy

Domestic Travel Insurance policy can be purchased along with the ticket at Myticketbuddy.com

What is eligibility to purchase Domestic Travel Insurance policy?

All customers who are travelling within India using Myticketbuddy.com tickets can avail Domestic Travel Insurance Policy. Insurance is bound to the destination only; the policy cannot be extended to cab bookings or a round trip which includes cab booking.

No, Only Indian citizens between 1-70 years old can avail Domestic Travel Insurance Policy.

How long the Domestic Travel Insurance Policy is Valid?

The insurance policy is valid from the scheduled start time and date and until the actual arrival at destination of the Journey.

Is it possible to extend my Domestic Travel Insurance policy beyond coverage period?

No, domestic travel insurance policy cannot be extended beyond coverage period.

Do I have to pay extra money to avail Domestic travel insurance policy?

A deductible amount should be borne by the customer to avail Domestic Travel Insurance policy. The deductible amount will be mentioned to the customer when he/she applies for the Domestic Travel Insurance policy.

ill the Insurance policy cover my luggage?

Checked-in baggage is covered by insurance policy but Myticketbuddy.com will bear no responsibility for the baggage damage or theft before check-in.

Can I cancel my Insurance policy?

The Domestic Travel Insurance policy cannot be cancelled unless the customer cancels the ticket. No refund of insurance amount is permitted by the Insurance company

Is it possible to extend my Insurance policy?

Domestic travel insurance policy cannot be extended.